“Andreas is a passionate man who loves The Word of God. He has taught me to see myself the way My Father in heaven sees me and not as the world would see me. His teachings are based on God’s Grace and that is life changing. And he teaches Kingdom culture and that is what is so needed in the church today.” 

– Wayne R. Richmond

“We appreciate his boldness to speak the truth even though people could be offended. We love being served a steak dinner rather than a bowl of soup. We look forward to hear what God is saying through him every week.” 

– Dan & Lisa P – South Surrey

“Andreas’ teachings have offered such depth of understanding of God’s Word for us. His authenticity has made it safe for us to open our hearts to grow in Christ personally and with others in our Pneuma Church community.   We know that Pneuma Church is ‘home’ for us to unpack all that God has already provided for us.  We feel encouraged to give God’s love away to others freely and appreciate Andreas’ real encouragement to daily develop our own close relationships with God.”

– Eldon and Sheri P. Surrey

“The Grace message I have heard through Andreas by the Holy Spirit’s power has changed my life completely. It is a feast for me every Sunday to come to church and hear the word preached.” 

– Annette


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